Claire Willsher,  DR ME

Educating individuals to be the doctor of their own health

Unfortunately the health of our nation is in decline. Claire is driven by passion to inspire healthier individuals, initially through PE teaching, and more recently through the development of DR ME, aiming to reach as many individuals as possible.  

Through the education of why it is vital to be healthy, DR ME aims to encourage people to be responsible for their destiny and inspire how this is possible. Predominantly, individuals are the creators of their own health; let's maximise people's health potential together, thus making life more fun, fulfilling, and worthwhile.


Claire is currently based in North Yorkshire and will deliver inspirational, active and informative workshops nationwide. All involved will benefit from information regarding the human body being one big interconnected machine. Small modifications to lifestyle will impact not only your own life, but that of others who surround you.

"It was beneficial to have a skilled P.E. teacher to plan, model and demonstrate excellent differentiated activities, saving on my planning time. This enabled me as the teacher to gain greater knowledge of health, as well as the children."

Danielle Read, teacher at Cudham C of E Primary School.

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