About DR ME 
Health Consultant and one-to-one coach
I am Claire, 
-founder of DR ME, 
-a health coach, 
-wife to my fabulous husband Steve
-mother to my beautiful children Sophie and Edward.
I love hearing other people’s stories, as it is this which makes us all unique. I believe life is a journey, and it is our experiences we are faced with that forms the 'map' of our lives. 
​From a young age I have had a passion for health and physical activity.... this desire still radiates strongly from me today.  
Unfortunately, I have not always been a role model of optimal health. Whilst at university I contracted chronic fatigue syndrome which left me with limited energy to carry out even the most basic of tasks. I very quickly learnt to listen to my body, and follow the cues it was sending me, as our bodies truly are the most miraculous machines. 
I’ve been a qualified PE teacher for 16 years and during this time have treasured sharing my love of health and sport with many children throughout the UK, and Europe. 
My husband is in the military and as a result we move house every two years. It was this that encouraged me to transition from PE teacher to business owner. DR ME was created to inspire people to take responsibility of their own health with particular focus on inter-connecting diet, resilience, mind and exercise. 
Workshops allow me to motivate people to take charge of their own health and wellness, through emphasising why it is vitally important to be healthy, and showing them the impact good health can have on all areas of life. Individuals leave workshops with actionable ways to implement positive change into their day to day lives, leaving them feeling energised and in control of their wellbeing. 
One-to-one coaching allows me to delve deeper, getting individuals to address their behaviours and beliefs, and encourage them to become a master of habit change. This empowering feeling ensures individuals become fully 'alive' and thrive in life once again, no matter what stage of their life's journey they are at. 
My overall aim is to make people happier, healthier and a more energised version of themselves. 
I love being able to help people enhance their wellbeing and witness first-hand the positive impact health improvements have on not only their lives but also on those of people surrounding them.
This is my story so far. I would love for you to get in touch and tell me about your life journey and how it has shaped your map. If you would like my help to guide you where you would like to go next, please get in touch. 

Claire x

"Claire is someone who clearly loves what she does. The wisdom she brings to her wellbeing offering originates from life long learning and passion for looking after all aspects of mental and physical health. Claire has wonderful stories to share that bring to life her lessons for us all. Claire is a true inspiration and is highly recommended."
Lisa Powney, Curium Solutions, May 2020

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