Corporate health benefits

All  corporations benefit from the DR ME program. Through the interactive workshops, people are reminded how important it is to look after their bodies and minds focusing on the 4 key areas of diet, resilience, mind and exercise. Small healthy life adaptations reduces the likelihood of illness in individuals, resulting in less sick days, thus making people more productive and increasing profit margins for corporations.


Not only does DR ME positively impact individuals, but those who do implement change will share this through a ripple effect to those close to them such as team members, colleagues, family and friends. 

  • 1/2 day corporate DR ME workshop

    Motivate a healthier workforce.

    2 hr


  • Full day corporate DR ME workshop

    Inspire many to reach their health potential

    6 hr


"Now more than ever, the engagement and wellbeing of my staff is at the forefront of my mind and DR ME’s well-presented and joined up content will help me move my business in the right direction and keep these important issues high on the agenda of all my senior leaders."

Martin Hanson, Senior Executive HSBC Business Banking UK

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