Sleep to reset body and mind

The importance of sleep is often overlooked and has become a forgotten necessity. We have been created to spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. Sleep is responsible for so many vital physical and psychological processes that allow the body to function to its optimal capability. As well as the general cleaning process, sleep is beneficial as it encourages an enhanced immune system, warding off minor and chronic illnesses, cellular growth and repair, and promotes general physical fitness. Mentally, sleep increases intelligence, improves brain maturation, stabilises emotions and reduces stress, but to name a few. 


The recommendation for adults is to sleep 7-9 hours a night (6-13 year olds 10-13 hours/night, 14-17 year olds 8-10 hours/night), anything shorter of this will negatively impact health. By creating a calming bed-time routine, individuals should be able to drop off to sleep quicker, and have better quality sleep throughout the night, thus endorsing the life-support system of sleep. 

"There is no tissue within the body and no process in the brain that is not enhanced by sleep, or demonstrably impaired when you don't get enough."

Matthew Walker, Author, Why we Sleep

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