"The staff and children loved DR ME. It fitted in brilliantly with mental health week and the teachers felt it supports the values we promote in school. Parents have mentioned that they love the idea too and it's great that we have done it as a school. So VERY positive all round!

Mr Neil Saunders, Deputy Headteacher, The Michael Syddall CofE Primary School

  • DR ME 1-day workshop

    Inspiring whole body health

    6 hr.


  • DR ME 3-day workshop

    Extending the knowledge further

    18 hr.


  • DR ME 5-day workshop

    The gold standard package

    30 hr.


  • DR ME after school workshop

    To further spread the word.

    1 hr. 30 min.


School Health Education Packages 

Any child in primary, secondary or further education will benefit DR ME workshops. By teaching children the fundamental basics of healthy choices regarding diet, resilience, mind and exercise, children will be absent less often, allowing more learning to take place. Healthier children have higher IQ's as they are able to absorb, retain and recall information more efficiently. Therefore pupils who have undertaken DR ME sessions should get better test results as well as get more out of life generally. 


Sessions are completely tailored to your school. Workshops can cater for up to 70 children at a time, space provided. Teachers will benefit from the sessions as no planning or marking is necessary. After schools workshops are offered to work with parents and or teachers to share the key messages their children will have learnt throughout the day. All workshops are all eligible for PE Premium funding.

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